Isaac Cox

09/05/2023 - 784

I had a 8x17 area rug that was in desperate need of cleaning. I found RevitaRugs on IG and was amazed at their work. I decided to give them a try...

Andrea Bellavista

28/03/2023 - 1045

I bought a very expensive rug and sent it 4 years ago from a different rug cleaner to have it washed. The rug returned as if it was never cleaned...

Peni Landisi

28/03/2023 - 1150

RevitaRugs has been my go-to for cleaning and maintaining my 2 antique Turkish silk and wool carpets since I bought them in 2007. I have always loved their personal service, attention to detail and the system they have in place to insure your rugs are tracked throughout the process.

Elizabeth Lane

13/03/2023 - 1088

I found RevitaRugs in 2007. My dog had damaged an authentic Persian rug that my son sent me from Iraq. Mr. Hamid Zarei did an entire reweave of the area that was ruined...

David Chung

13/03/2023 - 1155

I inherited a valuable silk rug from my grandparents but the rug hasn’t been washed in years. Alot of local companies in Colorado refused to clean the rug with concern of damaging it...


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