Elizabeth Lane

RevitaRugs: The Restoration Miracle Workers for Your Most Treasured Possessions.

13/03/2023 / 1624

I found RevitaRugs in 2007. My dog had damaged an authentic Persian rug that my son sent me from Iraq. Mr. Hamid Zarei did an entire reweave of the area that was ruined. To this day, I cannot find exactly where it was repaired. I just had another Revita do another small repair on the same rug, plus a treatment to repel stains (very helpful with vegetable dye). While Mr. Zarei and I were chatting about returning the rug to my new apartment in Virginia, I told him how badly the movers had damaged the 1952 chairs that my mother bought the year before she died. Parts of them were in splinters. Mr. Zarei said he could repair them! Apparently, he studied restoration in Italy. Of course, after he salvaged my rug, I would trust him with anything he chose to undertake. The chairs are amazing! So RevitaRugs has given me back my two most treasured possessions—the rug my son sent me from a war zone and the only things I have that belonged to my mother.


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