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Revita Process

Our 5 Steps

The beauty-and effectiveness-of our process is in its simplicity.

  • - Each rug is closely inspected and evaluated according to its cleaning needs
  • - Any special requests by the customer are noted
  • - The rug is photographed in detail by high-resolution digital camera
  • - Rug fibers are inspected by digital microscope to ensure their health and identify pollutants
  • - A proprietary dust removal process begins to clean and remove debris
  • - Air suction filtration prevents the transfer of any particles during the dust removal process
  • - Water is micro-filtered and softened to laboratory standards, before a drop touches the rug
  • - Our custom computer-controlled wash system automatically adjusts for the rug’s thickness and pile
  • - Precise pressure is applied by soft, circular brushes across the entire width of the rug
  • - Simultaneous cleaning and rinsing minimizes excessive exposure to water
  • - Fringe is hand washed, ensuring a perfect, delicate clean
  • - Our proprietary pre-drying moisture removal process begins
  • - 90% of the water is removed in minutes, minimizing water exposure while protecting fibers
  • - The rug is brushed by a pressure-controlled combing device across its entire width
  • - The rollers move only in the direction of the pile, restoring luster
  • - The final drying process begins in one of our custom-engineered 60 foot drying rooms
  • - Special panels in each of our fully enclosed drying room eradicate mold and repel dust
  • - In these controlled environments, low humidity wicks out remaining moisture quickly and efficiently
  • - Fringes are re-checked after cleansing and drying to ensure a thorough clean
  • - Any secondary measures are taken to ensure cleanliness of fringe
  • - When necessary, the rug moves to our expert repair department for evaluation
  • - Repairs are made to a customer’s exact specifications
  • - Final quality control inspection begins
  • - The rug is photographed again and condition recorded
  • - Precision-controlled brushes give the surface a final reconditioning
  • - Packed by our white-glove delivery team, the newly refreshed rug heads home

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