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Our technology may be new, but gentle, effective rug cleaning goes back in our family for decades.

RevitaRUGS™ roots start in Italy, where fine, handmade rugs are a part of every stylish home. As much as our Italian friends love them, few knew how to properly care for them. That’s where our big-sister company came in. Our founder developed a new way to care for fine and delicate rugs, starting with one key ingredient: pure, clean water. Not only were rugs reinvigorated, the process he pioneered protected the air quality and health of the entire home.

Today, we’re proud to bring Europe’s most celebrated way to keep rugs beautiful to your neighborhood. Using only the mildest of soaps, the cleanest purified water, and custom-designed, gentle, computer-controlled machinery, we ensure that the rugs we care for are as safe and healthy as they are beautifully cleaned.

Our Founder

Over 20 years ago, Hamid Zarei opened the doors to his celebrated rug gallery “mille e un nodo”. His eye for textiles and his firm commitment to outstanding customer service propelled him to the forefront of Italian interior design. Soon, his stores dotted the nation, with locations in Milan, Parma, and Southern Italy. After searching for the right technique to care for his clients’ acquisitions, he realized that the process of cleaning fine rugs had been largely unchanged and unimproved for centuries. In response, Mr. Zarei established the Shirzad Corporation. Overseeing the development of custom-designed machinery and demanding the highest standards from his staff of experts, Mr. Zarei became as famous for his rug care techniques as he was for his stores’ beautiful rugs.

RevitaRUGS is Mr. Zarei’s latest and proudest achievement in a lifelong commitment to the care of rugs and the customers who own them.


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No rugs damages since 1989.
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