Golsa A.

Revitalizing a Family Heirloom: Persian Tabriz Rug Restoration

09/05/2023 / 1316

Our beautiful Persian Tabriz rug had a wine stain, and the local rug cleaner returned it to us in worse shape than it left our house. The wine stain was still there and the colors/dyes were all mixed in several areas. This Persian rug had been in our family for several decades and we were extremely disappointed. I was researching rug cleaners everywhere, when I came across revita. They asked me to e-mail photos, and then gave me a price to fix it. The salesman told me I don’t have to pay, if the wine stain is not removed, and the colors fixed. Being very attached to the rug, we accepted to ship the rug to them. The results were stunning, wine stain gone, dyes fixed; and I had totally forgotten our rug had silk highlight! Our Tabriz looks brand new and we are very happy with this company. We highly recommend them.


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