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Restoring Antique Carpets to Perfection: A Loyal Customer Shares Their revitaRugs Experience

28/03/2023 / 1496

RevitaRugs has been my go-to for cleaning and maintaining my 2 antique Turkish silk and wool carpets since I bought them in 2007. I have always loved their personal service, attention to detail and the system they have in place to insure your rugs are tracked throughout the process. Recently, I had extensive water damage in my home that damaged furniture and the carpets beyond what I thought could be repaired. I contacted revitaRugs and they were incredibly responsive and supportive. They picked up the carpets and furniture immediately, inspected the damage, recommended how best to repair them and then did exactly what they said they would - brought them back to like-new condition! They were incredibly helpful with my insurance claim, providing all the necessary documentation in a timely manner. Hamit kept me updated throughout the process. The pick up and delivery each time was seamless. I loved this company before my recent experience and was a loyal customer, but was not one to write reviews. Now I want anyone looking for carpet or furniture cleaning to know they are the ones to choose. Thank you revitaRugs! My carpets look beautiful again and you have a very, very satisfied customer.


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