New "Detox" Program To Improve Their Health

Detox Your Carpets and Rugs: Improve Indoor Air Quality and Protect Your Family's Health

05/03/2020 / 981

RevitaRUGS has created a new Detox Program for carpets and area rugs. "There are dangerous toxins silently lurking beneath our feet" says Azita Goldman, revitaRUGS Vice President of Business Development.

New York, NY August 12, 2015 - RevitaRUGS has created a new Detox Program for carpets and area rugs. "There are dangerous toxins silently lurking beneath our feet" says Azita Goldman, revitaRUGS Vice President of Business Development. Despite multiple warnings from the EPA, the American Lung Association and other public health organizations, dirty carpets and area rugs remain major contributors to unhealthy indoor air quality, which can lead to potentially serious health hazards.

Poor indoor air quality can make you sick.
Americans spend a majority of their lives indoors, where air quality levels are found to be two to five time worse than outdoors. Unhealthy air quality has multiple sources; however, all indoor pollutants settle on surfaces, such as carpets, area rugs, curtains, upholstery, blankets, sheets, stuffed animals, etc., which act like an air filter. Just as with any other filter, they must be properly cleaned to improve air quality and protect your family's health and well being.

The danger of toxins in carpets and rugs is tested by many scientific studies, which show that even in low concentrations, contaminants may result in damage to your nervous and reproductive systems. By ignoring these serious warnings, newborns, toddlers, and beloved pets are left vulnerable to many hazardous pollutants.

Wall to wall carpeting covers the floors in most American homes, businesses and schools. Infants crawl, and children and pets play for hours on carpeting, while inhaling fumes, chemicals, allergens and toxic dust. New carpets and their paddings release VOC, and other compounds such as adhesives, moth proofing, flame-retardants and certain stain protectors that affect our health as well. All of these fumes are constantly re-circulated in our closed environments through the AC system.

Older carpets and area rugs may be even bigger culprits in our daily dose of chemicals. Most of us believe vacuuming alone removes years of accumulated dust mites, dirt, bacteria, fumes from cooking, chemical cleaners, air fresheners, pesticides, pet urine, and other toxins brought in on shoes, feet, and pet's paws.

Goldman commented on the public's lack of information about accumulated toxins in area rugs. Most consumers are unaware that all rugs are treated and washed in their countries of origin prior to export. However, depending upon the practices of rug weavers and exporters, some of the imported rugs are treated with harsh chemicals and cleaned with petroleum based cleansing products. The strong odors and off gassing of these "concoctions" are overwhelming and scary. In fact, many interior designers are cleaning these rugs through our soft water and organic soap wash process prior to installments in their client's homes in order to remove odors and embedded impurities.

Our deep wash detox program has earned us the nickname "The Rug Spa", bestowed upon us by the Well-Being Feng Shui Design icon, Clodagh.

Newly purchased rugs and antiques alike, are Petri dishes for germs and bacteria. Their piles, knots and foundations get filthy over the years and people assume vacuuming will sanitize them.

Rugs contribute to home health and personal hygiene, and should not be ignored.
Would you dry clean your wool shirt just once and then wear it year after year, perhaps brushing it off every now and then? No. So why would you professionally clean your wool rug once and leave it to vacuuming to keep it dirt-free?

The revitaRUGS Detox Program recommends that rugs be professionally cleaned at a facility on an annual basis. Homes with pets, kids and smokers require semi-annual cleaning. Do your due diligence when choosing an area rug cleaner. (No point cleaning your rugs with harsh chemicals. Please also note: topical cleaning is not considered proper area rug cleaning.)


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