Mitch Helfman

RevitaRUGS transformed our weathered and aged oriental rug to a brand new state

23/04/2020 / 6025

We were fortunate to inherit a very old, beautiful handmade oriental rug. After many years of my young kids and dog beating on the rug it began to look very weathered and not smell very good. I was afraid to bring this to a typical rug cleaner so I did some research to find someone that I felt comfortable with. revitaRUGS was that company. Their cleaning process is not only state of the art with no chemicals, but their customer service was outstanding. The results were better than I ever imagined! Not only did the rug come back looking and smelling brand new, but it felt incredibly soft to walk on again. We are so thankful that we found revitaRUGS and recommend them highly. We will definitely be repeat customers.


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