Kayla Zeigler

Expert Rug Cleaning and Appraisal Services by Revita Rugs: A Customer's Experience

23/04/2020 / 5803

I highly recommend Revita Rugs. I used to live in NYC, but now live in California and I still use them to clean my beautiful carpets. Last year, I purchased a synthetic silk on cotton carpet in Turkey and recently sent it to NJ to have it cleaned by Revita Rugs. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!! I have two cats that have thrown up on the carpet a few times…. Of course, I picked up the mess immediately after discovering it. I was hesitate on cleaning the carpet myself with chemical products. I only used water and dabbed the carpet with a towel. I was advised not to use soap because the suds get stuck in the carpet. My carpet was starting to look dirty, so I shipped it across the country to Revita Rugs…. upon return of my carpet, I was beyond happy when i rolled it out to examine it. It looked brand new. I worked directly with a member of the management team, Azita Goldman, who is the VP of Business Development for the company. Excellent Service!!! You pay for what you get!!!!!! The people who run this company have been in the industry for many years and are experts. I also had my rug appraised by them, which was helpful, because I was told my rug was silk on silk when buying my rug in Turkey. You have to be very careful while buying carpets overseas, because the seller may not be honest and tell you whatever you want to hear to make the sale. Thank you REVITA RUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be back in the future and I would recommend you to anyone in a heart beat.


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