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Protect Your Rug from Stains

Our homes, designed to fit our lifestyles and personal tastes, are our sanctuaries. Considering the substantial amount of time and money that goes toward home decor, it’s necessary to protect our assets, such as valuable area rugs. Because let’s face it, spills and stains happen for many reasons: children playing, family gatherings, entertaining, and training pets.


Stains Damage A Rug’s Wool Or Delicate Silk Fibers.


Just as red wine, soft drinks, and condiments have their own unique flavors, they also have unique chemical makeups that cause permanent stains. In fact, almost anything we consume has a chemistry that is either acidic or contains food coloring. Even natural additives can have permanent dyes.


Acids burn a rug’s wool or silk fibers, whereas food coloring create stains. A specific example of the latter is mustard. Its distinctive pigment comes from turmeric, a natural yellow dye in mustard seeds. Markings created by this dye are notoriously difficult to remove, as are those from pet urine, which contains uric acid. This burns the wool fiber, permanently discoloring it. In addition, pet uric acid dries to a crystallized form, causing further deterioration, and providing a home for germs and bacteria to grow. Burned rug fibers cannot be re-dyed, and re-weaving the damaged area can be very expensive.


How To Protect Your Rugs Against Spills And Stains.


When Scotchgard™was first introduced to the marketplace to provide protection against stains, the issues surrounding its adverse visual effects on wool/silk fibers — and our environment — had yet to surface. Although protection against stains has evolved substantially from the Teflon®era, there is plenty of misinformation and gimmickry out there. The new generation of non-toxic fiber protections result in better performance, but still have disclaimers. These products repel dirt, oil, alcohol and water-based stains, yet offer no protection whatsoever against acids or certain food coloring/dyes.

After a year of intensive research, during which RevitaRUGS tested various products against stains, including wine, coffee, soft drinks, Gatorade, pet urine, and even mustard, we chose a proprietary, non-toxic, natural resin product for wool, silk, and viscose fiber protection with unmatched results. We have found it to be the best technology offered today.

In the case of a liquid spill, you can easily soak up the excess with paper toweling, and you are done. This protection will prevent permanent damage to your rug fibers and will last for at least two years.

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Ready To Get Stain Protection For Your Oriental, Persians And Modern Rugs?

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