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Rug Pet Stain and Odor Removal – Things you should know Before Cleaning Your Expensive Rug

A rug can have many different types of stains, structural damages, and color run. For every type of problem there is a unique approach and intervention.

Pet stains are very common and can cause permanent damage to the rug and a serious health hazard. Unfortunately, urine deposited on fibers of the rug does not stay there. It penetrates the fibers and contaminates the flooring material below the rug. Urine odors will also permeate to the floor; be it stone or wood. As the urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals, which consist of bacteria, urochrome, uric acid, urea, proteins, hormones, and other ingredients, become even concentrated and pungent. Simple cleaning will not remove this odor. Commonly used disinfectants and perfumes will not remove the odor.

Here are some warnings when you are looking to get your rug cleaned for pet stain and odor removal:

  •  Pet urine needs to be properly released and removed. A simple wash will not get rid of pet stain and, the urine crystals will continue to cause structural damages to your rug.
  • Commonly used over powering perfumes and/or skunk perfume is a sign of improper wash and the problem continues to exist. Pet odors will completely disappear when the pet urine is properly released and removed.


Trust RevitaRUGS expertise and experience- Get the pet stain removed properly!

RevitaRUGS has the knowledge and technique to properly release the pet urine from your area rugs. The guarantee to our process is when you receive your rug and you smell see the pet odor is gone and there is no perfume to mask it. Visit our Website testimonial section and read about pet odor problems! The most important steps in protecting your rug and the health of your household when a pet mishap happens are to:

  •  Immediately contact RevitaRUGS so we can guide you to minimize the damage and schedule a pick-up.
  • Remember the longer you wait the more chances for the pet stain to set and cause permanent color damage.
  • If the urine remains in the wool fibers, it can cause color run, burn/decompose and destroy the fiber and require expensive repair.


Do You Have a Rug That Needs Pet Stain and Odor Removal? Contact RevitaRUGS!

Ready to repair your Area Rug? The first step? Getting your fast, free, no-obligation quote from one of our Revita Experts! Call us at 1.855.5.REVITA or, fill out our contact form here. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about your rug process.


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