When it comes to valuable area rugs, color bleeding can cause significant damage and require professional restoration. In this article, we explore the various causes of color bleeding, the importance of seeking expert help, and how RevitaRUGS can provide tailored solutions for your rug's restoration needs.

Various types of repair issues can affect a rug. Color bleeding, for instance, can lead to structural damage and necessitate rug restoration. Each problem requires a specific approach and solution.

Color bleeding is a widespread issue that can cause significant harm to valuable area rugs, often requiring the expertise of RevitaRUGS professionals for correction and restoration.

If rug repair and restoration were a hierarchy, addressing color bleed would be at the top. Only a select few experts worldwide can genuinely fix color bleeding in a Tabriz or handmade Silk rug. In simple terms, color bleed occurs when darker shades of a rug seep into lighter areas, causing damage. This typically happens when the rug is wet or exposed to moisture. Common causes include:

  • Incorrect washing and drying procedures, leading to color bleed due to improper cleaning methods.
  • Exposure to water from flooding, moisture, or other similar incidents.
  • Failure to promptly and adequately remove pet urine.
  • Overwatering nearby potted plants, causing moisture and water to reach the rug.
  • Placing potted plants directly on the rug without elevation, leading to temperature differences and condensation buildup beneath the pot. It is essential to elevate potted plants for proper airflow.
  • Moist sub-floor conditions combined with a lack of appropriate rug padding.

Rely on RevitaRUGS' Expertise and Experience – We Resolve Color Bleed for Rug Industry Insiders and Collectors!

RevitaRUGS is knowledgeable about the origin, wool or silk type, dye, and age of various rugs, from Orientals to antique silks and intricate Persian rugs. Each rug requires a distinct and tailored process for color bleed removal. Unfortunately, we often receive lovely rugs for routine cleaning only to discover they've been covered with acrylic or similar paint as a temporary fix for color bleed or stains. When we wash the rug, the paint residue separates, revealing the initial issue. In some cases, the paint's chemicals have already damaged the fibers, causing structural damage and requiring extensive repair.

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