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Antique Rug Cleaning – Determining the Value, Taking Care of and Finding the Best Rug Cleaners for Your Antiques.

Antique rug cleaning must be done very meticulously. The delicate materials are often quite valuable and not easily replaced, as antique rugs are generally referred to as handmade rugs that are at least a century old. Their value depends on many factors. Antique Orientals and Persians rugs are more familiar names with the general public; however, European rugs such as Aubusson and Savonneries, which date back to the renaissance era and the court of Louis XIV are also popular with the collectors.

Antique Rug Cleaning and Taking Care of Your Antique Rug

Always make sure you go to an expert in antique rug cleaning who specializes in cleaning all types of fabric antiques, including silks and tapestries. For example, RevitaRUGS in NYC has been working with rug collectors as well as rug merchants to wash, repair and restore value to all types of antiques and delicate valuables for many years. Expertise in the trade stems from decades of experience, proven techniques and specific knowledge of each and every type of rug. Combining these unique talents with modern hi-tech technology allows select antique rug cleaners to scientifically deal with these invaluable pieces of art.

Along with every cleaning, antique rugs should be thoroughly evaluated with Hi Powered Laboratory Grade Microscope for fiber analysis. Every spot and impurity is pre-tested for proper course of action. Every rug structure (wrap & weft) must be analyzed for integrity and preparation for its unique wash and repair technique. Trust your valuables only to experts who will clean and revitalize your antiques.

Wool Antique Rugs – What You Should Know About Cleaning Your Wool Rug

The three main material rugs are made of are wool, cotton or silk. These materials are porous and absorbent, so dust and dirt can easily settle within their fibers. Wool can also oxidize due to environmental exposure and crumbles overtime. All of these impurities will damage the fiber, make it hard and brittle and deteriorate the rug over time.

Improper washing method will leave soap scum, crystalized salt and/or hard minerals on your rug, causing far more harm than good. If stains are covered up (a common practice!) and pet odors masked instead of proper removing, you just damaged you rug for good, lowering its value forever.

An expert in antique rug cleaning, such as RevitaRUGS will not only wash your rug with purified soft water and mild organic soap, they will remove stains and pet problems. Always contact professional antique rug cleaners before your valuable item is damaged beyond repair!

Do You Have an Antique Rug That Needs Cleaning?

Ready for your own antique rug cleaning? At RevitaRUGS in NYC, we want to make a healthier, green clean part of everyone’s home. So what’s the first step? Getting your fast, free, no-obligation quote from one of our expert antique rug cleaners!
Call us at 1.855.5.REVITA or, fill out our contact form here. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the process of cleaning your antique rug.


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